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Top 5 reasons to buy an e-bike

We all love the feeling of being on a scenic bike ride – the open road, a light breeze, sun-dappled hedgerows and panoramic views stretching out ahead of you.  It’s all going beautifully until you reach the bottom of a steep hill. Suddenly, the carefree cycling experience becomes a fraught grapple with gears and a punishing push with the legs until your thighs and glutes are burning. It’s exhausting, or even impossible (cue a boring walk-and-push up said hill) and your energy reserves are seriously depleted.  Sound familiar? Well that is where the magic of the e-bike comes in.  At EZ-Riders in East Lothian we’ve got five good reasons why getting an e-bike could be your best buy yet.

  1. Save money

Now, before anyone starts muttering about outlay and costs, yes, of course, an e-bike will set you back more than a standard bike, but after talking to our customers and fellow e-bike aficionados, we find that many people increasingly use them instead of the car. That quick nip to the shops or a visit to a friend who’s a bit too far away to walk might usually mean grabbing the car keys; you probably use the car more than you’d like to think for short trips.  But because an e-bike is so quick and pleasurable to use and doesn’t need a parking space (or the cost of one) you’ll find you need your car far less or, if you live in a town or city, it might be mean you don’t need your car at all.  There’s no licence required or tax, and although a frequent user might want to consider insurance, that will be way cheaper than insuring your car.  And obviously the charging costs are peanuts compared with the price of fuel.  Research has shown that on a cost-per-ride basis, almost all e-bikes are value for money: 46% of regular bikes are used just once or twice a week, while 30% of e-bikes are used daily and an amazing 81% are ridden at least once a week.

  1. Get fitter.

Die-hard road cyclists might dispute this one, but hear us out. Because people tend to travel further on their e-bikes (and more often) than they might usually do with a regular bike, studies have shown that riding an e-bike is still hugely beneficial in terms of fitness goals.  In simple terms, because you’re riding more, you’re pedalling more, even if the electric motor helps you out from time to time.  E-bikes are ideal if your fitness has been compromised through illness or injury, allowing you to cycle with as much of a boost as you need, as and when you need it. So if you’re not as fit as you used to be, but dtill want to get out and about, investing in an e-bike is a brilliant solution.

  1. Save on energy

 Riding your e-bike rather than taking the car for short trips means you’ll be significantly reducing your carbon footprint.  The energy required to charge an e-bike is extremely low, so if you’re someone who perhaps wouldn’t ride a push bike to the shops because of gradient, an e-bike makes that much more achievable.  Battery tech is developing all the time and e-bikes have a pretty good range using a single charge.  Cycling this way means you save your own energy too; climbing hills and fighting the wind are so much easier when the motor kicks in and propels you up and on, plus you can choose how much of an extra boost you want.  You’ll cover more miles with less effort, but still enjoy all the benefits of regular cycling: fresh air, exercise, improved well-being and an emission-free journey.

  1. Broaden your horizons

We’ve already talked about how e-bikes allow you to travel further, but you’ll also find yourself becoming more adventurous about the routes you take, safe in the knowledge that no hill is too steep.  Mountain bike trails and cycle paths are there for all kinds of bikes, not just conventional ones, and where initially some in the cycling fraternity were less than keen on e-bikes using dedicated trails, these days it’s entirely accepted, just like snowboarders are now considered on a par with skiers when once they too were viewed with suspicion!

  1. A safer commute

For urban riders, e-bikes are not just a faster way to get to work, many believe they are also safer.  One reason is the extra propulsion from a standing start.  Many bike accidents happen at junctions, crossroads or roundabouts, when cyclists need extra time to gain momentum and pick up speed. With an e-bike, the acceleration boost from the motor means you can get ahead of vehicles more quickly when the lights turn green, giving you a clear advantage.  The other excellent benefit of commuting on an e-bike is you’ll arrive at work remarkably un-sweaty compared with your push bike counterparts and the journey home after a long day won’t seem so daunting with that extra power to call upon.

Perhaps the strongest reason of all, however, is e-bikes are simply great fun to ride.  Depending on the setting you choose, you’ll get anything from three to ten times more pedal power for the price of one conventional pedal, creating a wonderfully satisfying sense of speed without maxing out on the effort.  Why not book an e-bike tour with e-bike specialists EZ-Riders in the stunning East Lothian countryside near North Berwick and Edinburgh to see if the e-bike experience is for you, or you can hire a bike from us and try it for a day before buying your own from our great range in stock.

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